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Out of daily life

Enjoy the nature

In the immediate vicinity of our hotel complex there are many beautiful and varied cycle paths that make the "cyclist´s heart" beat faster. Explore the R1 European Cycle Route and enjoy the idyllic park landscape of Münsterland or cycle along the Ems Cycle Route and follow the course of the Ems river from its source to its mouth.

For the exploration of the closer and further surroundings we provide our guests with high-quality rental bicycles and map material. Guests arriving with their own bicycle and can leave it with us free of charge and lockable. The rental fee per bike is 10,00 Euro/day.


Situated in the middle of Münsterland, the landscape around our hotel is a highlight in itselfe! Explore the nearby hiking trails around the Teutoburger Forest, the Prelat´s Trail wich connects the three monasteries in the area and one of the most famous hiking trails in Germany - the Hermannsweg.

Further information on the surrounding hiking trails can be found under Destinations.

Yoga to slow down and recharge your batteries

Use Yoga as a perfect start to the day, as a small break in between or as a successful end to your event.

Our yoga teacher Melanie Pölking - certified by the American Yoga Alliance (AYA) and trained persobal trainer - will guide you through classical yoga postures that will help you to release tension and develope more peace and balance.

The soothing effect of the yoga class is the ideal complement to your stay in the Klosterpforte.

Yoga single lesson

Yoga single lesson

Individual, flexible and precisely tailored to your needs. The Yoga private lessons offer you the possibility to work on a specific topic, e.g. more mobility, more relaxation, more clarity, to create a personal exercise program for at home.

A professional yoga mat and aids are provided. The individual lesson is equally suitable for beginners and advanced students.

95,00 Euro per person     60 minutes

Yoga group lesson

from 3 persons

Start the day with yoga or use the beneficial effects as a small relaxation unit in between. The yoga group lessons are based on the wishes and requirements of the participants.

Professional yoga mats and aids will be provided. The group lessons are equally suitable for beginners and advanced students.

40,00 Euro per person     60 minutes