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Klosterpforte GmbH
Klosterhof 2-3
33428 Harsewinkel-Marienfeld

Tel.: 05247 708-0
Fax: 05247 80484


Managing Directors:
Reinhold Frie, Carina Schemmink, Christopher Schemmink

Register Court:
Amtsgericht Gütersloh

Register Number:
HRB 11266

Sales Tax Identification Number to § 27a Sales Tax Act:
DE 126 735 003

Concept | Layout | Programming | Customer Support: GmbH
Weißenburger Straße 15
59557 Lippstadt



Website Terms & Conditions of Use

The following terms and conditions of use refer to the use of web pages provided by Klosterpforte GmbH. These terms of use do not refer to the websites of other service providers linked to these pages.

Terms of Use.

All rights expressly reserved. All material and content on this website remains the intellectual property of Klosterpforte GmbH.

Information on this website constitutes the latest available at date of publication. We disclaim all liability for a guarantee of information and data provided with regard to validity, accuracy and completeness. This also applies to all websites linked to these pages. Links to external Sites do not constitute an endorsement. Klosterpforte GmbH is not responsible for any content presented on linked sites.

Information provided on this website does not grant any legal or other rights or assurances to the user. Klosterpforte GmbH reserves the right to alter, delete or update information or data provided at their discretion. Material and content featured here do not constitute legal obligations. Offers are non-binding in their entirety and constitutional parts.

Klosterpforte GmbH disclaims liability for direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of material and content provided on these pages. The same representation applies to all Linked Sites accessible from these pages. Klosterpforte GmbH is not responsible for content accessed and available on Linked Sites. Any legal or other rights or claims between Klosterpforte GmbH and users of this website or any third parties are excluded.

The content of these web pages is copyright protected.

Content in its entirety or parts thereof must not be copied and/or published or stored in any format of information system without prior written authorisation by the copyright holder. All trademarks, and all logos, service and design marks contained within the site are the intellectual property of Klosterpforte GmbH. The use or misuse of these trademarks or of any website content, except as described above, is strictly prohibited.

All ideas, creative concepts, content or techniques published on these pages or transmitted to Klosterpforte GmbH in any format will become the sole property of Klosterpforte GmbH once submitted. Klosterpforte GmbH has no legal or other obligation to treat these submissions in confidentiality, give payment of any sum, or acknowledge receipt. Furthermore, Klosterpforte GmbH will have no liability regarding the use and disclosure of such materials.
All information or data, their use and any matter relating to the website of Klosterpforte GmbH shall be under the exclusive jurisdiction of German Law.

Data Protection Statement

Data protection statement of Klosterpforte GmbH

Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in our company, our products and our internet presence. Protection of your personal privacy when using our website is a high priority.

We operate in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations for the protection of personally identifiable data and general data security. You will find a list below of the websites to which this data protection statement applies, which data we obtain, process and use, which rights of disclosure you have, and much more. To help answer your questions promptly and succinctly, we have set out a “Frequently Asked Questions” format below.

To which websites does this data protection statement apply?
This data protection statement applies to the use of any website operated by Klosterpforte GmbH (subsequently called “Hotel-Residence Klosterpforte Websites”). This data protection statement does not apply to websites of other service providers which are referenced or linked to Hotel-Residence Klosterpforte Websites.

What are personally identifiable data?
Personally identifiable data are detailed data on personal and other information relating to an existing or identifiable individual, such as name, address, bank account, passport or telephone number, car registration, e-mail address or IP number. Non-personally identifiable data are those which do not result in the disclosure of real identity, such as information on your gender, use of browser or preference of car.

Do I remain anonymous when using the Hotel-Residence Klosterpforte Websites?
Yes. When using the Hotel-Residence Klosterpforte Websites, you remain anonymous unless you choose to provide personally identifiable data. The only exception to this rule is the temporary automatic collection and storage of your IP number. Please find details on this below.

Are personally identifiable data collected and processed automatically?
Yes. Every time you visit our websites we automatically collect information such as the IP number allocated to your computer, which browser you are accessing, which operating system you use and which websites you have been looking at.
These data are stored in so-called log files on our web server. Only your IP number constitutes personally identifiable data. The need to protect our computer systems from misuse requires the temporary storage of every visitor’s IP number. Should we utilise the log files for the creation of user profiles for advertising purposes, marketing research or demand-oriented design of our websites, all IP numbers will first be depersonalised. In all other cases, the IP numbers will be deleted from the log files. So you will always remain anonymous, even in the event of automatic collection and temporary storage of your IP number.

In what other instances are personally identifiable data obtained, processed or used?
Your personally identifiable data are only collected, processed or used by us when you have chosen to provide them, it is permitted by law, or you have expressly agreed. This is usually the case when you enter into a contract with us online, or contact us with an enquiry.

For what purpose are personally identifiable data collected, processed or used?
The personal information provided by you is exclusively used for the purposes mentioned above and agreed to by you, to satisfy the obligations of the contract with you or to answer your enquiry.

Are personally identifiable data used for advertising or marketing research?
Not without prior permission from you. To improve customer communications we have on occasion an interest in using personal information for special promotional offers, marketing research or other purposes. In such cases, we will of course notify you in advance and ask for your express consent.

Are personally identifiable data shared, sold or otherwise disclosed to third parties?
We only share, sell or otherwise disclose your personal information to third parties when necessary for the obligation to fulfil our contract with you or when you have expressly provided your consent. From time to time we may have to give your address and other details to our affiliates for the delivery of an order.

Can I withdraw my permission, once given?
Yes. You can withdraw your consent for the agreed purposes at any time to prevent future use of your personal data. Just contact the address given below.

Do the Hotel-Residence Klosterpforte Websites use cookies?
In common with many websites, the Hotel-Residence Klosterpforte Websites use session cookies, which send data for technical session applications to your browser. These data are not personally identifiable and are deleted when your browser is closed. Should we need to make an exception and store personal information in a cookie, we will always ask for your express consent in advance.

How can I avoid the transmission of cookies to my computer?
Although cookies are only relevant in a legal data protection context when they are used to store personally identifiable data, many internet users are sceptical of these small data packages. We would like to point out that you can protect yourself against cookies entering your computer or manage the contents of these cookies.
Up-to-date browsers offer several options for this, which you can access via the Help function. You can set your internet browser to automatically disable cookies or warn you before storing a cookie. You are reminded that this can, in some cases, lead to restricted interaction when using the Hotel-Residence Klosterpforte Websites and websites of other providers.

How does Hotel-Residence Klosterpforte endeavour to safeguard my personal information?
Hotel-Residence Klosterpforte has instituted comprehensive technical and organisational procedures to protect your personally identifiable data from loss and misuse. Your data are stored in a safe environment not accessible to the public. Should you wish to contact Hotel-Residence Klosterpforte by e-mail, we advise you that confidentiality of information submitted by you cannot be guaranteed. E-mail content can be accessed by third parties. We recommend that you send us confidential information exclusively by post.

Do I have a right to disclosure with respect to my personally identifiable data stored?
Yes. At your request we will confirm what personal information we hold about you. Just contact us at the address below.

Can I have my personal information updated? When do you delete my personal data?
If you would like us to update or delete your personal information, please contact the address below. We generally delete your personal data when the contract for which these personal data were originally collated has been fulfilled. Please can we remind you, however, that where the law requires us to do so for storage and accountancy reasons, we have to delay deleting your data. In those circumstances, you have a right to your data being secured.

Is this data protection statement updated regularly?
Technological internet advances and changes in law and regulations regarding data protection make it necessary to regularly adapt our data protection statement to the latest requirements. Please check that you have read the most recent version. The present data protection statement is dated 22.07.2010.

Who can I contact?
To request your right of disclosure, receive information on this data protection statement or our internet data protection compliance record, please contact:




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If you are a member of Facebook and do not want Facebook to collect your data via our website and stores it in relationship to your Facebook member account, you will need to log out of Facebook prior to the visit of our website and you may also have to delete any related cookies stored locally by Facebook.

Furthermore it is possible to block the data generation of Facebook Plug-ins by using browser add-ons such as „Facebook Blocker“




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